Career strategy counselling:


Seminars (artistic advice, strategy, labour market)

Contact and auditions for agents (opera studios, operas)


A successful opera singer career is not a question of voice…

In order to put all chances on his side in a highly competitive market, the singer-to-be absolutely needs to master the following subjects: have a good knowledge of the market, know how theatres work, how auditions are organized, how to present himself, how to write a CV and define a repertoire, how to get in touch with the various actors of professional life, how to select the agents he shall audition for, depending on the goals he wants to achieve, and how to select the opera houses he should focus on, on the basis of targeted objectives that can be reached in the short or medium term.

Thanks to our knowledge of the opera world and its actors – agents, opera directors, casting directors, opera studios,… - and their operating modes, the ATELIER VOCAL - BERLIN can provide you with a highly professional assistance and support in the elaboration of your career strategy. We are in a position to provide a targeted assistance for the accomplishment of your individual projects, tailored to your personal level.